Various technologies have been utilized in developing our solution. Each technology was first evaluated using a technological feasibility study found here.

Android Studio

Android Studio is a mobile development IDE based on the IntelliJ IDEA software. Android Studio provides many useful tools for mobile app development including drag and drop features and simulator support.

Android Studio is used to create the UI for the solution and to host the front-end code. This IDE also is used for debugging the application as well as loading the software onto physical devices.

More info about Android Studio can be found here.

android studio

java image


Java is used for developing the mobile application and communicating with the radio simulator.

Java has great compatibility with C, and therefore is used both on the front-end UI side, and for interfacing with the radio simulator.

More info about Java can be found here.


C will be utilized when handling the simulator for actions such as gaining access, communications, and managment

The C code was provided from our client and will be utilized through java to interface with the applicaiton.

More info about C can be found here.

c image

virtual box


VirtualBox is a virtual machine program developed by Oracle that allows simulating different operating system images in a virtual environment.

VirtualBox is used to host the radio simulator in a linux environment.

More info about VirtualBox can be found here.