Project Description

In today's world, the need for secure, efficient, and tactical communication in the defense, public safety and intelligence communities can not be understated. General Dynamics Mission Systems has tasked Operation RM with developing a solution to solve the problem of inefficient communication with a radio modem on a mobile device.

General Dynamics Mission Systems (GDMS) is a defense contractor that specializes in the development of mission-critical products and systems. GDMS has developed many widely-used technologies and programs such as Rescue 21, which is a system that allows the Coast Guard to locate people and vessels in distress. GDMS provides many critical products and systems to the defense, public safety, and intelligence communities.

GDMS has tasked Operation RM with developing an android application that can provide two-way communication with a radio modem, in addition to being able to select a specific waveform to use for transmitting and receiving. Developing a mobile application that is able to communicate with a radio modem efficiently is crucial for General Dynamics Mission Systems. Currently, communication with the radio modem is done through a web interface that is difficult and inefficient to access and add attachments on mobile devices.

The following diagram shows the current interface supported by GDMS:

In contrast, with an android application GDMS customers will be able to communicate in a more efficient and tactical manner. The advantages include not only the ability to send and receive files efficiently, but also the ability to easily send images in the field using the integrated android camera application. GDMS has provided a remote control interface (RCI) as well as a radio simulator, used to emulate the actual radio modem.

The following diagram shows the proposed solution:

The initial concept for this project was specified by GDMS through this document.