Project Schedule

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Team Standards & Initial Evaluation

September 2023

Initial project evaluation, including determining basic requirements and desired solution from the client. Creation of a list of standards to be followed by team members and establish procedure.

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Feasibility Analysis

October 2023

Determining risks the solution may impose. Identifying potential candidates for tools, methods, and solutions.

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Requirements Acquisition

Early November 2023

Finalizing a set of requirements for the project. Determining all functional, non-functional, and environmental requirements through discussions with General Dynamics Mission Systems.

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Initial Prototyping

November 2023

Developing an initial prototype of the mobile application. Primarily focusing on UI development, while also ensuring compatibility with the radio simulator.

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Connectivity & Testbeds

December 2023

Ensuring connectivity between the mobile application and the radio modem. Developing testbeds to streamline the development process.

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File Transfer Operations

January 2023

Adding file transfer operations to the prototype. Both sending and receiving using the selected waveform.

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Testing & Validation

March 2024

Ensuring the solution works and is robust. Validating the requirements through demonstrations with General Dynamics Mission Systems.

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Deployement & Delivery

April 2023

Deployement of the application, sending source code and documentation to General Dynamics Mission Systems.