Here you can find copies of various deliverables required throughout the project. Some products, documents, and deliverables may not be present in this listing due to proprietary information concerns.


Technological Feasibility

A technological feasibility study was conducted to analyze various risks that developing the solution may impose. This study helped mitigate these risks by analyzing potential tools, methods, and solutions and weighing the benefits for each candidate.


The purpose of the requirement specification document was to establish the set of requirements so that the developed solution will meet the needs of the client. This document provides a thorough understanding of the project's scope, goals, and execution plan.

Communications Strategy Memo

The communications strategy memo establishes the standards and expectations set for team members and team meetings.

Software Design Document

This document will provide a structured plan concerning the design and implementation of the software for this project.

Software Testing Plan

This document outlines the comprehensive testing plan, including unit testing, integration testing, and usability testing, to ensure the reliability and functionality of The application.

Project Abstract

The purpose of this document is to briefly investigate the problem and the execution of Operation RM’s solution.

User Manual

The purpose of the User Manual is to guide the clients through the process of installing, using, and maintaining the application.


Mini Intro Slides

The mini intro presentation served to introduce the client, as well as provide a brief overview of the proposed solution.

Design Review I Slides

The design review presentation provided a comprehensive overview of the project, the current status, as well as reviewing any risks.

Design Review II Slides

The design review provides an overview of the projects plan of implementation, current status, future schedule, and risk assesment.

Design Review III Slides

This Final Design presenatation provides analysis over the finished application, how it operates, the testings process, and architecture.

Poster Of Software Design

This posters was displayed at a conference and was used to describe our product to aspiring engineers, industry members, and clients.

Poster Of Software Execution

This poster was used to display at a conference to describe and illustrate the finished application to engineers and clients.

Project Info Mini Video

The project mini video is an elevator-pitch style video used to demonstrate the capabilities of our product.