Technologies Used


Here we list our core technologies that compose the project. These technologies are used to address the core requirements and goals of the project.



Web and Mobile Framework

Flutter allows us to build cross platform mobile applications that build on both Android and iOS devices. This allows our client to engage a larger userbase of language learners as there is no restriction on the choice of mobile operating system.

Backend Database and Hosting

Firebase will allow our mobile and web applications to communicate and share a database to store users and audio files.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Vosk is an Automatic Speech Recognition technology designed by Carnegie Mellon University for use in mobile phones. Vosk is designed to be run on mobile devices in order to provide ASR feedback for recorded speech. Vosk provides quality ASR feedback without using a significant amount of resources on the user's device.

Version Control

Github is the most popular platform for version control. Github is an industry standard application with great support for code versioning, continuous integration and deployement, and overall collaboration. Github and Git are a pivotal part of any collaborative software project and/or system.