High Level Reqs/Solution


High Level Requirements

Multi-platform development

In this project, the customer needs to ensure that users of all platforms can use the mobile app to achieve the effect of increasing the number of users. In addition, customers also need to develop web-side programs to work with mobile apps.

Multi-platform shared database

In this project we need a multi-platform shared database. On the mobile app, users can access the content in this database. In the web program, the administrator can modify the content in the database to achieve the effect of updating knowledge.

Automatic Speech Recognition Technology

In order to ensure the accuracy of speech recognition, we need to use ASR technology. Automatic speech recognition is technology that converts spoken words into text. In the development of this project, we will give our program certain functions so that it can use ASR technology and the data generated by ASR technology.


To attract users and increase their interest in learning. Customers asked us to gamify mobile phone programs. In this game app for training pronunciation, users will have some tasks to complete. After completing these tasks, users will get some rewards, such as earning points to unlock more levels and so on.


Our team's answer to this problem is a combination of a mobile application and website dashboard that works to gather speech information for Dr. Kang and provides language learners with pronunciation practice.

For the mobile app, users can take courses designed to gauge their intonation and pitch, through Automatic Speech Recognition technologies, which take in voice input and translates that to a more readable format, to level up their language skills, all while enjoying the experience through the use of gamified elements such as levels, in-game rewards, and customization.

The website serves as a tool for instructors to provide learners with all sorts of new content, ranging from achievements to more unlockable courses. For example, if I were to be learning a new language and I recently have studied new grammar points, my instructor can provide me with a course focusing on those grammar points and award me a shiny new trophy accompanied with personal feedback when I complete it.