Joseph Vargovich


Contact: | 480-721-1241
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Role: Team Leader
Relevant Coursework: CS345, CS399, CS212, CS386
Java: I use Java very frequently for developing mobile applications and algorithms. I am very familiar with this language and its syntax.
Flutter and Kotlin: I’ve used Kotlin to develop mobile apps for CS 399. I am pretty familiar with it so I could use it once again for this project. I have also used Flutter, but not as much.
Python: I am very comfortable with Python and its syntax. I am familiar with some Python server libraries for backend web development too, but I would love to learn more.
JavaScript, HTML5,/CSS: This is the standard tech stack for web development. These were the first languages/tools I learned as a software developer!
SQL: I have some knowledge of how to format SQL queries to use databases.
Other Interests: I love to be outdoors! I go hiking quite often and try to keep active! I came to NAU and Flagstaff for the climate and green environment! I am also a huge animal lover, so I loved my work with PetSmart! I choose this project as I have used language learning apps in the past to learn Spanish. I know how they work and, most importantly, how to improve upon them.

Kehan Cao


Contact: | 520-491-0689
Hometown: NanTong, China
Role: Release Manager
Relevant Coursework: CS399, CS345, CS386
Mobile Application Development: I learned CS399 before and know some basic knowledge about mobile application development. Besides, I developed a simple take out application with my friends in CS386 so I know the progress of how to develop an app.
Learning: During CS386,I found that there are many things that I have never set foot in so I think it is very important to be good at learning new content. In future development, it must have some new things we need to learn and I'm ready to do that for any time.
Other Interests: I am very interested in the development of mobile applications because I can run my development results on my own mobile phone. After mastering enough knowledge, I can even write some plug-ins to make my phone unique, which is very cool. Now I am working hard in this direction, and developing a fully functional app with team members will greatly enhance my ability. I am willing to learn any new knowledge to help my team develop this app.

Malik Jones


Contact: | 323-639-6191
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Role: Recorder
Relevant Coursework: CS399, CS212, CS345, CS386
Web Development: I have learned this concept in CS 212 and CS 312. By developing web applications, I have found it interesting to know about web servers and how to create a website from scratch through HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Teamwork: On my career path of pursuing my degree in computer science, I have learned it is important to not only be a people person but to listen other people's ideas
Technical Writing: Over the years of learning how to get comfortable with writing I have improved those skills-CS 386 and ENG 302W. By taking these courses I feel extremely comfortable and I can write any professional document.
Other Interests: Throughout my experience at NAU I have become very passionate about mobile and web development. By taking all the courses that have been provided to me, I would like to use everything I have learned to create a product that can be useful. Also to keep learning and developing new skills to become a better developer as well a better person.

Christian Bito-on


Contact: | 412-996-3296
Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Roles: Architect, Coder
Relevant Coursework: CS399, CS499, CS345, CS386
C: I am very familiar with this language due to an OS simulation project in CS 480, with some focus on POSIX threads.
Flutter and Kotlin: I used Flutter during CS 499, and Kotlin during CS 399. In both classes, I have made a mobile application and became familiar with each language.
Language: Learning to understand spoken Japanese and Tagalog has helped me become better at recognizing tone and pitch, as well as allowing me to have a better understanding of different intonations and pronunciation.
Other Interests: I like to explore different types of interdisciplinary concepts, such as learning languages through applications or implementing programs in robots. I think that using different skills that are normally separated together is an important skill and can open up a number of possibilities. Outside of the academic realm, I enjoy practicing martial arts, playing musical instruments, and making model kits.

Andrew Munoz


Contact: | 626-806-6690
Hometown: Baldwin Park, California
Role: Customer Communications
Relevant Coursework: CS212, CS345, CS386
Mobile Application Development: Lead the development of projects of mobile applications for clientele for two years at the NAU Advanced Media Lab. As well as developing a cross platform informational app alone for the NAU Family Violence Institute.
Virtual Reality Development: Project Lead on multiple Virtual Reality Projects intended for clientele in the educational field. Projects were designed to be used as a teaching tool and intended for a classroom setting.
Other Interests: I’ve taken an interest in augmented reality development over my time here at NAU. I feel as if it is the future in terms of technology that will be integrated into our daily lives. The applications are endless and already show promise of being super helpful.