Joe Vargovich's Honors Capstone Extension

Joe Joe

Video Perception Tasks

This Honors extension incorporated video-based perception tasks into the mobile application. These videos are uploaded from the designer website to be used as question prompts allowing learners to recognize key features of English conversations, such as body language and facial cues.


This project was motivated by a variety of readings on emotional intelligence and the recognition of body langauge cues in English Language conversation. The extension differentiates SmartTalk from other language learning apps that do not include video tasks and do not place an emphasis on non-verbal cues in language learning. The main motivation of this extension is to give emotion to language learning, therefore priming learners to effectively engage in real English conversations with important body language cues in mind. As a result, learners will be training their emotional intelligence as well as their competency in English language conversation.


Literature Review: Bibliography discussing the motivational research and technical challenges for this extension.

Demo: This is the demo of a sample lesson completed on the mobile application. Task 2 (0:19) and 5 (1:02) represent the video tasks that were implemented in accordance with this honors extension.