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Flutter is a fairly new app development framework that was developed by Google and utilized the Dart programming language. Flutter has many benefits to it that we are looking for in an app development framework such as a hot reloading feature which is very helpful in developing the software.
Another thing Flutter has that is important to us is portability as it can run on virtually any device with a screen on it. Following this, Flutter also has accessibility options which are very important to us so we can make the UI as use friendly as possible for our audience.
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SQLite is the most commonly used database for mobile applications. Thus it will have easy integration with mobile application development environments. SQLite also supports an Android/Java framework for mobile applications. SQLite does have an external API that allows for encryption of the database itself.


Django is a popular free open-source web framework based on Python. A search query for web frameworks often includes results that place Django in their top five bet web frameworks. It was initially release in 2005 and is now supported by an independent non-profit organization called the Django Software Foundation. Some well-known websites built using Django include Dsqus, Pinterest, Instagram, and Quora. Django is also compatible with a variety of databases, include SQLite.
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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers a number of features for web hosting. It promises a 99.9% server uptime which means that on average it will be down just below 9 hours per year. Azure also offers as 12-month free trial which gives access to a number of features including a virtual machine and storage up to 64GB.
After the end of the free trial, prices vary greatly depending on the services used such as storage space or location. Azure also allows users to cancel service mid-month and receive a refund for the time they did not use. Some packages include automatic or manual scalability that can be adjusted based on incoming traffic.
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