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Spring 2021 Semester Schedule


The above image is the Gant chart showing the plan for development for the Spring 2021 semester. It displays a more concrete idea of due dates for development milestones (or modules) for the project. To follow along with the completetion of the tasks shown above, see the task reports listed on the documents page!

Development on the mobile application, website, and database began on January 24th, 2021 and is estimated to have a working version by March 5th, 2021. This working version means that all modules listed below will be in working order. The remainder of March and April will be spent on UI, design, and finishing touches to the application.

Module Breakdown

Fall 2020 Semester Schedule


The above image shows our intended plan moving forward until the end of the Fall 2020 term. This shows the general idea of upcoming due dates for when the team intends to complete each of the remaining tasks. Of the remaining tasks, the most important milestone is the tech demo presentation as it is proof of the technologies that have been chosen. To follow along with the completion of the tasks listed in the above schedule, see the task reports listed on the documents page!

Starting in the Spring 2021 semester, the team plans to have updates to the project about every two weeks. Each of these updates will be run by our client so that we are able to continuously improve the end product to meet our client needs. Doing so will allow us to get continuous feedback on the progress of the project

Some of the anticipated milestones include:

These are just a rough idea of major milestones this app will achieve during development. More may be added and some may be readjusted.