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Project Requirements

A brief description of the key requirements for this project

Requirements Acquisition

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly meetings with sponsors
  • Development
    • Continued learning
    • Changes made to requirements as needed
    • Continued research on HIPPA compliance
  • Documents
    • Staying up to date with the documents

AT Recommendations

The app will give tailored recommendations for assistive technologies specific to the user's situation.

Using factors such as the user's general physical difficulties and the location in the house, the app will present to the user recommendations for assistive technologies that may help them live more comfortably in their own home.

This is a functional requirement for the project


AT Inventory Management

We will provide tools on a secure frontend to manage the inventory.

A database will be used to store the inventory of assistive technologies that will be recommended by the mobile app. Management of the inventory will use tools on a secure website using logins. The tools will allow for adding, removing, and modifying entries in the inventory.

This is a functional requirement for the project

Remember User Profiles

The app will allow the user to create a profile which is saved for convenience.

The app will remember which AT were recommended, keep track of a user's favorite recommendations, and remember voluntary information provided by the user which is used to help give tailored recommendations.

This is a functional requirement for the project



The mobile app will accommodate both visual and physical impairments.

The app will provide different color schemes to accomodate those with colorblindness or may have vision difficulties. The mobile application will also be able to integrate with the devices operating system to provide text-to-speech (for those with visual limitations) or speech-to-text (for those with auditory limitations).

This is a non-functional requirement for the project

Addressing a User's Functional Limitations

The app will focus on functional limitations or difficulties and not diagnoses.

The app will never ask for medical information or diagnoses from the user. Instead, it will ask for difficulties involving the user's functional limitations and mobility. The information used by the app will be HIPAA compliant.

This is a non-functional requirement for the project


Identify Challenges in the Home

The user can specify difficulties in specific locations inside a home.

The app will allow the user to browse typical rooms in a home to specify where they have difficulties. The app will provide recommendations based on the room.

This is a functional requirement for the project

HIPAA Compliance

Given that the nature of this application involves confidential medical information from a user, the application also needs to apply to HIPAA regulations. Although this app will not be gathering detailed diagnoses from the patient, it will be gathering functional limitations that a user is experiencing. User information will be completely anonymous. A user's username, regardless of what it may be, will be encrypted into the database. Emails and personal information about the user will not be stored.

This is an environmental constraint for the project