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Mobile Application

The best way to get information to users in the most convenient way possible is to create a mobile app. This app will consider a users functional limitations and challenging areas in their home to make an AT recommendation that is best suited for them.

The app will also communicate with an inventory with a variety of AT devices.

Mobile app screenshot


There will be two types of inventories: one to store AT devices, and the other that will store user profiles. The app will constantly access and sync with these inventories to ensure that information is up to date.

Sponsors will also be able to add, remove, or edit any AT items in the inventory.

In order to ensure HIPPA compliance, the inventory for user profiles will only contain anonymous information. This information will be linked back to the user's app through a unique identifier for the app itself. Access to the inventories will also require admin privileges as set by the sponsors as an additional security measure. Finally, the information will be protected by encryption in storage.

How It Works

To the right is a diagram of how all of technologies that will be developed for this project are going to operate.

There are three major technologies being used: a mobile application, a database, and a cloud server.

  • The database will be hosted on a cloud server. This database is what will contain the AT inventory and user profile information.
  • The mobile app can access information on the database securely in order to provide recommendations to the user. The user may also create a profile on the mobile app.
  • The database will be accessible through a secure website which allows the sponsors to easily manage the inventory.

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