Project Description

A walkthrough of the steps we took throughout the project

What is an AFO?

AFOs, or Ankle-Foot Orthotics, come in many shapes and forms. However, they generally all come in a brace-like design to align the foot when walking with the goal to aid in mobility for those who have difficulties walking or running

Why are AFOs needed?

With over 760,000 people in the United States suffering from Cerebral Palsy, and several others issues that cause difficulty moving, it is imperative that these people are provided a resource that is able to help them walk


The goal of the project is to improve upon the previously given prototype in a way that advances in professionalism, cost, functionality, durability, and adjustability


Some constraints that have been given by our sponser and that we have set for ourselves include a $500 budget for prototyping, a set time schedule that can be seen in the gantt chart, and a 

Project Location

The majority of this project will be carried out in Flagstaff, Arizona with the testing being done by the capstone team on and off of the NAU campus. Our client has been kind enough to allow us to use the biomechatronic lab.

Customer/Engineering Requirements

Through discsussion with our client, the team was able to develop our list of requirements needed for the device to meet the needs of the client. 


With the customer and engineering requirements, the team developed a QFD spreadsheet to weigh the importance of each requirement in terms of how much they impact each other. This also gave us a chance to set the units each requirement that we were going to measure in and what the tolerances were acceptable.