Adjustable Leaf Spring 
Ankle Foot Orthotic

By Samuel Maxwell, Adrian Tran, Jacob Lee

Meet The Team

Adrian Tran

Adrian Tran is the team lead and manufacturing lead. I am a senior mechanical engineer at NAU. I currently work in product development and my relevant experience for this project includes static analysis using ANSYS and machine design

Samuel Maxwell

My name is Samuel Maxwell. I am geting my mechanical engineering degree at NAU and I'm interested in biomedical engineering. I am experience it DAQ of bio-mechanisms and measurements systems in general. I have worked at the bio- medical field for 1"2 years and have taken a specific interest in mechatronics. This is applicable to the leaf spring project because it requires an interest in mechanisms, electronics, and programming..

Jacob Lee

Jacob is the CAD lead and financial lead of the group. Jacob is currently a senior in the mechanical engineering and plans on attending graduate school after graduation. I am interested in pursuing mechanical design and machine work.  

Meet Our Client

Dr. Zach Lerner

Dr. Lerner has been the client for this project for the last year. He has provided us the requirements for the project as well has given us incite and recommendation on problems we have come across during the project lifespan.

Website Purpose

The leaf spring AFO is the project that the team is working on for their NAU Mechanical Engineering Capstone project. Here we will display the process, ideas and development the team has come up with as the semester progresses.