General Atomics EMS (GA EMS) builds 12U CubeSats that accurately position/point the CubeSat in space using internal torque rods. This feature is tested during integration utilizing a spherical air bearing with a mounting fixture supporting the CubeSat. To fully test this feature, the center of gravity of the CubeSat must be very accurately co-located with respect to the center of rotation of the spherical bearing. For this project students will design a mounting fixture to mount a 12U CubeSat to the spherical bearing fixture.


Connor Hoffmann

- Website Developer -

- Budget Liason -


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I am a dedicated Mechanical Engineer student that enjoys complex problems and working in a team. I have real world experience working within an engineering environment at the company Electric Torque Machines located in Flagstaff Arizona. I have hobbies where I enjoy creating and working with my hands building go karts and fixing my car. I strive to continue expanding my knowledge of the technological world through research on topics that spark my interest. I look forward to the future and where I will go benefiting the world with my curiosity and innovation. Refer to my resume for experience and accomplishments

Sean McGee

- Project Manager -

- Logistics Manager -


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I have developed a strong interdisciplinary skillset through my combination of mechanical and electrical engineering coursework. I have 3+ years of experience with SOLIDWORKS including parametric modeling, performing FEA and motion studies, and creating detailed mechanical drawings using GD&T. I also have 2+ years of experience using MATLAB and Simulink to perform thermal and structural analyses, data analysis, multibody dynamics simulations, and control system block diagrams. I am proficient in control system design and analysis using root locus methods, PID controllers, and state space representation. I am skilled in programming in C and C++, MATLAB, and Python, and have experience working with a variety of embedded systems including Arduinos, ESP8266 and ESP32, Raspberry Pis, and FPGAs.

Travis Harrison

- Test Engineer -

- Manufacturing Engineer -

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Mechanical Engineering Student with experience in engineering analysis, machining, 3d modeling, FEA, cost optimization, 3d printing, small group and intra-organizational communications and public speaking. Consistently volunteers for extra work and able to complete difficult projects in a timely fashion, under budget, and while still satisfying all customer requirements, typically above the quality that was requested.Strong interest in Manufacturing, CNCtechnologies, Automation, Machine Design, and more



Worked directly with General Atomics to design a device to collocate the center of mass of a satellite with that of the hemispherical air bearing with a given budget of $8,000. Primary focus on manufacturing, 3d printing, Solidworks modeling and finite element analysis, costing for manufacturing, etc. Personally machined or 3d printed most of the parts that will be used in the final iteration.


Taught by Perry G. Wood, PE to show more advanced techniques for machining and give access to additional tools. Extensive experience with basic tools, 3 axis vertical mills, lathes, CNC tools,and more.

Scott Mesoyedz

- CAD Engineer -

- Head Editor -


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My name is Scott Mesoyedz. I am a Senior Mechanical Engineering Student at Northern Arizona University. My father was a marine and my mother is a nurse. Before college I went to a college preparatory high school called University High School. My passions include hiking, self-improvement, and martial arts. I have studied Toshokan Karate for over 12 years. I am elated by opportunities to discuss ideas. One day I will travel to space and be an astronaut.


My experience is based on previous classes. In ME 286, my team made a trash collecting robot. It utilized a remote control and a motor on a turning aperture to push trash into a raisable trash container. The container would dump the recycling into the bin. This required an entire semester to design and build. I made all the parts, drawing files, and the assembly in solid works. Additionally, I have worked as a grader for thermodynamics 2. Presently, I am employed as a Aid in Computer Aided Design; a class that teaches solid works.

Completed Fixture
Completed Fixture Side
Completed Fixture Front

Final cad
Final CAD Side
Final CAD Side
Final CAD Top
Final CAD Bottom
Final CAD Front

Third iteration cad
Third Iteration CAD Front
Third Iteration CAD Side
Third Iteration CAD Bottom

Manufactured Parts
The majority of the parts used were manufactured by Travis Harrison with assistance from Scott Mesoyedz at the Machine Shop. Some of the more complicated parts such as the Inner Bearing and Base Plate were machined by the shop managers as this was before either member had enough experience to run the CNC machines themselves (and the Inner Bearing also required custom fixturing). The sheet metal parts were outsourced through OSHCut. All 3D printed parts were completed by Travis Harrison on his own personal 3D printer. More information can be found in the Final Presentation and Hardware Review 2 Memo.

Bottom Of Fixture
Stand Side
Detailed Bearing
Assortment Of Parts
Replica CubeSat 3D Print Model
Z-Carriage Detailed Side View
Bottom of Stand

Replica equipment
Replica CubeSat
Replica CubeSat Open
Finished Painted CubeSat
Replica Spherical Air Bearing

Second iteration cad
Second Iteration CAD Top
Second Iteration CAD Bottom
Second Iteration CAD Detailed Bottom
Second Iteration CAD Detailed Top

First iteration cad
First Iteration CAD Front
First Iteration CAD Side

3d printed prototype
3D Printed Prototype
3D Printed Prototype Exploded View

lead screw Prototype
Prototype Linear Rods Detailed View
Lead Screw Prototype Detailed View
Prototype Top
Prototype Linear Rods
Prototype Lead Screw Detailed View
Prototype Inside View
Prototype Linear Rods Detailed View


Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Presentation 3
Hardware Review 1
Mid-Point Presentation
Final Presentation


Analytical Memo
Implementation Memo
Hardware Review 1 Memo
Hardware Review 2 Memo
Operational and Assembly


Final Poster


Meeting Minutes


Full Final CAD Package

Bill of Materials

Final Bill of Materials


Prototype Results and Analysis


Reports Have Been Censored In Compliance With NDA


special thanks to:


Dr. David Willy

Perry Wood, P.E.

Dr. Truong Nghiem

General Atomics

Scott Miller

Geno Pinczewski

John Turner

John Pennel

NAU Fabrication Shop

Wyatt Watson

Paul Howell