Project overview through the design process timeline

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August 2021

Problem Identification

Dataforth submits a proposal for a battery charging/monitoring system which integrates and showcases their data acquisition products.

September 2021


Research is completed on existing technologies and standards by which we can make adequate requirements.

September 2021

Requirements Specification

Combining research and client satisfaction into a single document, the requirements specification details the scope of the project.

October 2021

Concept Generation

Existing designs are considered when brainstorming solutions which will meet the requirements and fit within the constraints given by the client.

October 2021


The large abstract block diagram we had been using is broken down into detailed sections. Each team member chooses an area of the system to prototype.

November & December 2021

Prototypes & Construction

Prototypes are constructed and tested for faults and robustness. Expected parameters and behaviors are set based on the prototypes.

January 2022

System Integration

Prototypes are refined relative to each other and parts were ordered to begin serious construction and integration of the entire system.

February & March 2022

System Test

Testing of the system for meeting requirements and constraints was documented.

April & May 2022

Delivery and Acceptance

The system is delivered to the client with a seal of approval by the team and project manager.

May 2022


Maintenance documentation is finalized. System manual gives full overview and maintenance procedures.

Looking forward...


Brief considerations for future upgrades are provided along with problem analysis and known issues/errors.

Gantt Chart

The following link provides access to the team’s Gantt Chart, which serves as a visual representation of the project’s schedule from January through May. All the events within this chart are organized chronologically from top to bottom. The arrows that connect the events show what events directly precede the events pointed to. The most important deadlines, such as the end of work date on April 1st and the Undergraduate Expo event from April 18th to April 22nd, have been highlighted in red as critical deadlines for the project.


As of May, 2022:

Our Gantt chart after March is entirely inaccurate to the representation of our progress. Unfamiliarity with SPI, RS485, and Modbus RTU communication protocols coupled with a complicated mess of the MSP430's UART and SPI abilities created a lag in development of the user interface and integration with the MAQ20 data acquisition modules. Battery cycling and all other hardware was completed, tested, and passed QA.


Full System






User Interface


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About us

We are a four-person undergraduate electrical and computer engineering team working closely with Dataforth Corporation to make an industrial interface solution to charging high performance lithium-ion polymer batteries..