The team behind Lithium Lumberjacks

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Hamad Aldosarry

Website Coordinator | Oversaw website development, charging circuit design, and high-powered hardware integration.

Hamad is a computer hardware engineering major with skills around programming, web design, and professional writing. He is interested in cyber security.  As the team website coordinator, Hamad oversaw the creation of the project website and managed website information.

Hunter Browning

Treasurer & Document Coordinator | Designed, hardware testing, mechanical/thermal design, and .

Hunter is a computer hardware engineering major with prior experience in mechanical engineering and machining. He has skills in various CAD programs, 3D Printing, PCB design, and electronics testing/repair. He is interested in materials R&D and artificial intelligence. Hunter was the final editor of all team documentation. He compiled the BOM and coordinated with the client for funding as well as vendors for all components and devices. 

Sean Conlin

Team Leader | Worked on MAQ20 integration, cell balancing algorithm, and

Sean is an electrical engineering major with skills in semiconductor physics, CNC machines, PCB design, and soldering. He's interested in power generation, electric drives, and high-power semiconductor device design. As team leader Sean was the primary liaison between the team and client. 

Darby DeGan

Secretary | Worked on user interface, fault detection, and system response.

Darby is an electrical engineering major who has skills in soldering, programming, microcontrollers, and HDLs. He is interested in wireless networks, communication systems, and software. As the team secretary Darby coordinated all team meetings and kept the project on schedule.


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About us

We are a four-person undergraduate electrical and computer engineering team working closely with Dataforth Corporation to make an industrial interface solution to battery charging.