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We support sharing knowledge and practicing good engineering through thorough documentation. We hope that any interested parties will find our documentation useful.


Dataforth corporations' initial proposal for the project

Team Standards

Standards of quality to be used by the team throughout the project

Team Inventory

A breif introduction of the team members at the beginning of the project.

Team Bylaws

Definition of roles and responsibilities for the team

Conflict Resolution Plan

How the team should handle conflict

Design Document

Full design document from the end of the first semester. A good midway point through the project development.

Testing Results Report

A short memo describing the testing results.

Hardware and Datasheets

Some hardware came pre-assembled onto their own boards for ease of use and modularity.

Hardware block diagram

Our primary block diagram which has evolved and guided us through the entire project


Master communications module


Clean, isolated, voltage data


Clean, isolated, current data


Temperature data


20 protected relays in a row


UART to RS485 duplex chip used to interface the MSP430 with the COM4 module


10A DC rated relays for switching our charging circuitry

Relay Technical Information

Created by Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. This document covers the majority of practical relay information. It is a useful companion when researching relays for a project.


DC-DC step-down CC/CV modules

Hardware Testing Workbook

Documentation taken during the testing process. Testing against requirements set out early in the project.

Software documentation and program code

UI Flowchart

Describes how the user interface will work programatically

Cell Balancing Flowchart

Describes how the cell balancing and fault detection algorithms will work

Full program code

All code put onto our MSP430 system


This websites source code. HTML, JS, CSS, images, and more!

Financial documents

BOMs are easily one of the most important parts of any project. We've also provided our clients' invoice, for those who may have never seen one before.


Provided by Dataforth for their internal inventory and accounting purposes

Bill of Materials - Fall

BOM for the purchases made during the Fall 2021 semester.

Bill of Materials - Spring

BOM for the purchases made during the Spring 2022 semester.


Graciously paid for by the university's library and database resources department. By which we saved over $500 to obtain these standards documents. We highly recommend using the university library and its staff to the fullest extent possible. They are invaluable to obtaining documents which would otherwise come from great cost of time, effort, and money.

IEEE STD 16791-2017

Guide for the characterization and evaluation of lithium-based batteries in stationary applications

IEEE STD 1881-2016

Standard glossary of stationary battery terminology

IEEE STD 1725-2021

Standard for rechargable batteries in mobile phones

Meeting notes

We recommend teams create a meeting template for more organized information.

We highly recommend the Oroville spillway board of consultants memos as an educational resource on how memos and meetings are done in real life engineering.


Client and team introduction, initial thoughts on the proposal, scheduling regular meetings, and breif idea of what the client wants


Requirements overview and tossing ideas around


Technical meeting, more specific Q&A for Dataforth products, and client specifications


Greater understanding and clarity on how some of the primary unknowns at the time would work


Budget discussion, more technical talk, and some future scheduling


Discussed cable connection and changed MSP430 to an F5529. Gantt chart also given.


PCB design and fabrication update. Website update.

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About us

We are a four-person undergraduate electrical and computer engineering team working closely with Dataforth Corporation to make an industrial interface solution to battery charging.