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What is this page for?

On this page you can download some of the reports that we compiled towards the end of our project. The links below will start the download when clicked and the file types are for the Microsoft Office Suite of products. (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint)

Testing Results Report

This Word document is a report of our testing results. It can be downloaded here. It heavily references the Testing Workbook which can be found next.

Testing Workbook

This is an Excel spreadsheet that contains information about each of the tests we performed. Use the different tabs on the bottom to navigate around the workbook and note that keys that can be used to understand our formatting can be found in comments of certain cells. It can be downloaded here.


This is the poster we made to present our entire project. It was also submitted to the Undergraduate Symposium at NAU and judged by a panel of judges. It is in PowerPoint format. It can be downloaded here.

Final Project Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation has audio files embeded into it of us narrating each slide. It should provide an overall synopsis of our product including: what it is, why it was necessary, what the requirements were, how it works, and how we tested it. It can be downloaded here.

Capstone Project Report

This is a Word file that contains all information about our project. It is long and fully inclusive and should be able to answer almost every question. It also includes a user manual section. It can be downloaded here.