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This page is for detailing the progress that we have made towards the completion of the final product. It will be updated as we make strides towards the release of the final product and the date it was last updated can be found at the top of this page.

Gantt Chart Reflection

As of this the time of this writing we have reached the end of our Gantt chart defined timeline. We have reached our goals by our pre-determined deadline for each task, although the last couple of items were up to the wire. The reason we were almost late with completing our last couple of tasks was because of the quantity of tasks to complete. We as a team were forced to meet more than we were doing but through the additional meetings we achieved our goals.

Testing Plan

Shown above is a screenshot from a spreadsheet that we, the team, all have access to that lists what tests we need to do based on our requirements, what type of test it is, and our current progress on each specific test. More details for how to test each requirement in listed in another tab on this document. This helps keep the team on the same page and consistency throughout the testing. There is also a separate tab purely for the integration of the entire circuit and its subcircuits to help us keep track as we continue to integrate our smaller subcircuits together.


We are currently finishing up the integration part of our project. This puts us a little bit behind our Gantt chart schedule but still close enough to catch up. The major reason why we are behind and the big lesson we learned is that it is sometimes more difficult to get all team members to gather than anticipated sometimes due to unforseen circumstances such as weather or testing because of a certain global pandemic. We anticipate to finish up the integration in a couple of days and then we can really dive headfirst into the testing.


The Gantt chart above shows the timelines that our team is working with. These timelines were created based on the deadlines for each part that we set for ourselves based on the capstone class's general layout.
As shown above, we are currently in the Design phase. Our team has already compiled some circuit schematics and built some circuits. At this point in time, most of the circuitry is broken into separate parts for developmental reasons and no "final" prototype exists although it is coming very soon for us. Included within the Design phase is our construction phase. When we firmly nail down the exact circuits we are going to use and get them all to work together, we will construct them all into one circuit and debut that as our prototype. Stay tuned to see the prototype and final product that we produce.