Messy wires

Complex wires inside the robot are very dangerous

When we tried to reconnect every thing inside the robot, the motor drive board got short with a bare wire and burnt. We spent half a month to but a new one and replace it. Then we used tape to cover all the bare wires and made a convert box to hold some wires. After that, we did not burn anything, the robot is safer than before.

Robotic arm

Our prototype could not satisfy our requirement

The motor we chose is strong enough to push buttons but could not hold the body of the arm. So we decided to buy an arduino arm. In the end, we chose the arduino braccio robotic arm which is a functional arm for educational purpose.


The platform could hold the arm, camera and sonar

At the beginning, we did not think about the platform. The original plan is to attach the arm to the main body of the robot. Then we realize that is not a good idea due to the height of buttons and stability. Then we decided to build a platform to set the arm. After the platform was finished, we realized it is not wide enough to hold the arm, so we bought another piece of wood and widen the platform. In the end, the platform is able to hold the camera, sonar and arm perfectly.