Hardware and Software


Design of the camera, the arm and the converter

1. Arduino IDE: Load the control code of the motor driver, which is a important part of our robotic arm prototype.

2. python: To make sure the camera we use could satisfy our requirement, we use python for digit recognition.

3. 12V Drive Stepper Motors: They are the main part of our robotic arm prototype, they are used to push the buttons.

4. HD Webcam C270: The camera for digit recognition.

Convert box

Power supply for components inside the robot

1. Soldering gun: Used to connect the battery, the switch, and the outputs.

2. Driller: Help us to customize the box we ordered.

3. Converters: Convert the 25V to 12V and 5V.

Robotic arm

The arm which can push the buttons for visitors

1. Arduino IDE: Control the arm to finish its tasks.

2. Matlab: Calculate the angels of each link for different tasks.

3. Braccio Robotic Arm: The arm we use to Meet the requirements of the project.