Brett Moll

EE Major

1.Fascinated with everything about robots

2.Programming languages: C, Matlab, Java, HTML

3.Worked with microprocessors including the MSP430 and Arduino

4.Arduino projects: writing software, managing I/O including sensors and motors

5.Some experience soldering

6.Experience programming industrial robots

Zikuan Wang

CE Major

1.Interested in Python

2.Interested in Pattern Recognition

3.Programming languages: C, Matlab, Java, Python, VHDL

4.Worked with microprocessors including the MSP430, STM32, Raspberry Pi

5.An intelligence library robot: RFID, Color recognition

6.A smart car based on Raspberry Pi and Python

Boyang Liu

EE Major

1.Learned Robotics about robotic arms and mobile robots

2.Board programming with microprocessors

3.Mathematical Modeling skill in MATLAB

4.Completed Design and Implementation of Digital Display DC Power Supply