Current Partners


Help get a first-year team off the ground! FSAE is a once-in-a lifetime, hands-on engineering experience that gives students an opportunity to apply their knowledge. FSAE members learn engineering, fabrication, and organizational skills that directly apply to industry. We will need help funding this project, and any help is greatly appreciated. We accept cash as well as in kind donations!

Team and Goals

The team will be split into sub teams focused on different vehicle subsystems including chassis, suspension, and drivetrain. All sub teams will work closely together to integrate and test each other’s designs. The goal next year is to have 12+ members split into sub teams of 3 to 4 individuals. The team aims to have a full car in CAD by the end of the summer, a rolling chassis built by the end of fall semester, and a full car ready for competition in Spring 2024.

*This sponsorship tier tree is a suggestion. We are extremly gratefull for an​y contribution and are more than willing to work with your organization