LJM 24

Our Car


1600 mm or 62.99 in.
Trackwidth 1200 mm or 47.25 in.
Engine CBR 600 F4i
Wheels 13" x 7"
Suspension Double Wishbone, Pushrod

This is the preliminary Design for the Spring 24 Formula SAE race car as of 12/10/2023. In the preliminary design phase of a Formula SAE car, a multidisciplinary approac​h is employed to lay the foundation for an efficient and high-performance vehicle. The design team carefully considers various aspects, such as aerodynamics, suspension, powertrain, and structural integrity. Through extensive research, analysis, and computer-aided simulations, the team strives to strike a balance between speed, handling, and reliability. Factors like weight reduction, optimal weight distribution, and safety considerations are taken into account. The preliminary design serves as a crucial roadmap, guiding the team towards the development of a competitive and well-engineered Formula SAE car.