Our Project in a Nutshell

What is a Microscale Bubble Generator?

This project is dealing with a microscale bubble generator, but what is it? The MSBG is a machine that creates bubbles a fraction of the size of a human hair in diameter and is going to be used for flow analysis. This device is similar to a wind tunnel but with bubbles instead of air! The team is tasked with making a generator that will produce millions of bubbles per second with a very high density. 

What are the parameters that need to be accomplished?

As seen in the original project description the team will need to generate around ten million bubbles per second with a general density of around twenty-thousand per cubic centimeter. Additionally the team will need to make sure the bubble diameter can range from fifteen to one hundred and fifty microns in diameter.

Video of our machine using shadowgraphs!

Video about an existing machine

Click the link below to watch a short video about another similar device to the one the team is tasked with creating!