Final Design

This is the team's final design for the capstone project and they have been testing it in the client's lab to ensure that it meets the client's requirements.

Brass Nozzle

This is the nozzle that the client purchased. It is a brass coaxial nozzle that has two fluid inlets. For the scope of this project one inlet is for the bubble solution and the other for air.

Third Layer Adapter

This is the third-layer adapter that the team chose to make with after going through many revisions of the design. It features a 0.5mm hole so that the bubles are in the right range of diameters. An additional hole on the top allows for another fluid input so that the nozzle can be triaxial. This design is meant to be threaded onto the brass nozzle seen above.

Initial Nozzle Design

This was the initial design for the project that the client resin printed. The issue that arrose with this design was getting the filament out of the micro hole so the team chose to redesign and came up with the designs you saw above!


This is a sample from a video that was analyzed using MATLAB to track the bubbles as they were moving in order to count them and to get a relative count of bubbles!