Client & Project Information

Throughout the capstone design projects, each team has a single client for which the team consistently works with throughout the duration of the project. For the 2021 HPVC Exhibition project, the client is Professor Perry Wood. He is a lecturer and the advisor for the Northern Arizona University student section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Information about the team's client and project description can be found below.

Project Description

NAU has traditionally competed in the ASME sponsored Human Powered Vehicle challenge as a senior capstone design project. Our senior design team chose to forgo the competition due to scheduling conflict but remained interested in creating a human powered vehicle. Our client, Professor Perry Wood suggested building a smaller, adjustable version, catered as an exhibition for younger students 5-13 years old. This HPVC design project requires us to generate different concept variants that include all traditional HPVC components, including the frame, roll cage, steering, and drive systems. The team will machine and prototype the design to be fully completed when it is ready for exhibition at local schools.

Professor Perry Wood would like a human powered vehicle that can be easily transported to local schools and allow children from 5-13 years old to ride the vehicle. Safety is listed as the highest priority, which requires a tricycle design for stability, and some form of roll cage for protection. The vehicle should also demonstrate key engineering practices that can be used as educational anecdotes for the young students.

Our Client: Perry Wood

Northern Arizona University Lecturer & Lab Manager
ASME Student Section Advisor

Perry Wood has been an Instructor and Lab Manager for Mechanical Engineering at Northern Arizona University since 2004. He currently teaches multiple sections of ME 180, Introduction to Engineering Graphics. Professor Wood is also an advisor for the student section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He is currently working to finish his PhD in Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability with an emphasis in fatigue characterization of magnetic shape memory alloys. Professor Wood is also responsible for the Machine Shop as Lab Manager at NAU. Working with Professor Wood has been critical to the project’s success. His willingness lend help when needed, his infectious enthusiasm, and his extensive background knowledge, the team has been blessed to work with such an amazing client.