Abel Aldape

Project Lead
CAD Design Engineer

Abel Aldape is a Senior Mechanical Engineering student from Scottsdale, Arizona. Growing up he always loved school and specifically math and science. Along with education, he was also heavily involved in the student government program and lacrosse club, both of which he held leadership positions. As a career, Mechanical Engineering made the most sense because of his love of math and sciences and his enjoyment of leadership roles. Being the Project Lead for this senior design group has always been personal goal and he is extremely excited to be a part of this human powered vehicle team.

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Preston Berchtold

Finance Manager
Design Engineer

Preston Berchtold is a Mechanical Engineering Student at NAU graduating December 2021. Originally from Southern California, Preston grew up spending most of his free time riding off-road vehicles and working on his Honda Civic. From his passion of off-road vehicles, grew a motivation for understanding their mechanical systems and the engineering driving their designs. Preston has experience in mechanics, customer service, and worked under W.M. Lyles for a construction internship. He is the Financial Manager and one of the design engineers with in the Human Powered Vehicle Project. Preston plans to pursue engineering in the automotive industry after graduating from Northern Arizona University.

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Martin Dorantes

Test Engineer
Logistics Manager
Web Developer

Martin Dorantes, from Scottsdale, Arizona, is a student at Northern Arizona University and he is studying Mechanical Engineering. He is on track to graduate in December of 2021 and hopes to find a career in Software Engineering or Materials Science. He is currently the Test Engineer, Logistics Manager, and Website Lead for the 2021 HPVC team. Martin has experience in manufacturing, modeling, and software development. He is excited that the scope of the project has shifted to educate younger students and hopes this year's capstone project inspires more students to pursue an engineering education.

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Trent Todd

Manufacturing Lead
Steering & Drivetrain Lead

Trent Todd, from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, is a senior at Northern Arizona University pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree and will be graduating in December 2021. Growing up he spent much of his free time enjoying activities such as mountain biking, jet-skiing, and off-roading. These activities peaked his interested in better understanding the engineering behind these mechanical machines. His work experience includes a range of customer service and equipment repair in the Hardware and Watercraft rental industries. Along with having two summer internship the first at The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and the second at Valley Forge & Bolt Manufacturing Company. After graduation Trent is open to pursuing a variety of fields but has particular interest in off-roading accessories and powersports.

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