Plasticity Modeling



front design

We were challenging to work with a non-profit local project. It's basically a plastic box model that moves in both x & y directions. The design should be able to demonstrate the elasticity theory for students. This project will be used as an education tool for Dr. Feigenbaum advanced classes for plasticity. So our design should be creative with the idea and easy to deal with for all students. In order to deliver for the students the elasticity theory. We will attach the sliding box with a spring and whenever the studentĀ  apply a tension or compression on the spring it will immediately graph an output for force vs displacement on both x & y directions. Furthermore, student should be able to clearly understand how the elastic limit behave. This project will benefits both the sponsor which is Dr. Feigenbaum and students who studying the plasticity classes as well as the mechanical engineering department as they are our primary stakeholders. The major issues we could face in this project is how to connect the sliding box to a device to display for us the graphs we need.