Our Project

Our group is tasked with building a replica pneumatic valve for an avionics application in order to test ceramic material internals. The goal is to produce a combination of internals that can withstand 10 million cycles or more, and to track the leakage over time. This leakage will occur at the inlet and vent seats as they degrade over testing. If ceramic materials are indeed applicable for increasing the pulse width modules lifetime, Honeywell intends to invest into further design of these PWM solenoids. These designs would be integrated into jet engines to rotate the air turbine after landing to cool the engine components and keep them from bowing. Once grounded the internals of the engines bow and force them to be grounded for long periods of time while they cool.

The Project


Create a valve capable of withstanding 10 million cycles.

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Pneumatic Valve

This is a Three-Way Pneumatic Switcher with Pulse-Width Modulation. It is activated by an Electromagnetic Solenoid.


An electromagnetic solenoid will be powered by an Arduino


Pressure Transducer

The results from testing will be measured and analyzed through the use of a pressure transducer.

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