Sustainable Packaging Solutions


Fabrication and Initial Results


Pocket milling and drilling were the main manufacturing processes used to machine the plastic (PVC) structure. The figure below shows the vertical column of the structure being milled in order to make room for the control box, electrical wiring and tubing. Other manufacturing processes include: planing, facing, tapping, welding, soldering and cutting.


Electrical Design

The figure below shows the circuit diagram that was used to control the electronic components of the overall assembly. The components of which include: a transistor, an op amp, a 555 timer, a flip flop switch, LED lights, a capacitor and several resistors.

First Iteration Prototype

The figure below represents a first iteration "works like" prototype that purges the bottle with nitrogen for 2 to 5 seconds and fills the bottle to a set level with wine when the liquid senses the electrical leads.