Sustainable Packaging Solutions


Project Definition

The purpose of this project is to condense the components of a wine bottling system into a portable machine to be used in the restaurant industry. Four stations contribute to the functionality of the bottling system. The first station injects nitrogen into the bottle to prevent oxidation. The bottle then moves to a filling station where it is filled with wine from a keg. The user then places a glass bottle cap and a heat shrink element on the top of the bottle. At this stage, the bottle is sealed by means of a heat shrink applicator and the process is finished. This product benefits the wine and restaurant industries by condensing the purging, filling and heat shrinking elements of bottling into a single machine thereby reducing costs and space. The machine allows for wine bottling to be done by a restaurant instead of recieving pre-bottled wine. This also allows the restaurants to reuse wine bottles more effectively; the whole process taking place on site further reduces waste.

Functional Requirements vs. Specifications

The functional requirements are outlined in the steps shown below.

Stage 1:


Stage 2:


Stage 3