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Integrated Aquarium II

Tasks and Activities


Every Tuesday evening, our group has a Zoom meeting with our client, Quadri, in order to go over what was accomplished in the past week and update our client with the progress we have made. This also gives our client a chance to interact with us, let us know how we are doing, and provide us with any updates or changes to our requirements, or what they expect from us.

Additionally, we meet with our graduate teaching assistant every Friday in person or on Zoom to provide him with our status updates. Again, we go over what we accomplished during the week. This also gives us a chance to ask questions about what is expected from us in class in regards to assignments and deliverables.


This project requires us to research many different options when it comes to our parts. We had to go through all of the parts we already had and determine if we wanted to keep them or go to a smaller or cheaper model. We had to look into different microprocessors when we began to consider switching from the Arduino Mega. Also, we researched different programs that we could use to design our PCB.

Date when last updated: 5/7/2020

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