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Integrated Aquarium II

Project Description

How it Works

Integrated Aquarium II simulates the natural environment of any fish based on certain variables:

Project Motivation

Every year, millions of fish die in transport, as they are taken out of their natural habitats to be sold to people who collect fish. Removing them from their habitat reduces their population size and can lead to the endangerment of species. Fish have certain environmental needs that need to be met in order for them to breed. The purpose of this integrated aquarium is to meet these needs to allow the fish to breed in captivity.

Aquarium Prototype

In addition, We need to build in WiFi capabilities such that the unit can be operated and monitored from any location with WiFi capabilities. We have an app being developed and an underwater camera to display live feed of the tank.

Finally, this project is needed in two forms: the residential hobbyist unit, and the commercial transportation unit. Millions of fish die in transit from fishfarms to stores. Furthermore it is requested by overseas clients that we design units that can carry fresh healthy fish to deep inland regions to improve the quality of fish in meals.

Date when last updated: 5/7/2020

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