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Project Information

Wind power is an great example of renewable energy in which wind turbines converts the Kinetic energy into a mechanical energy or electrical energy that produces power. In this project we will be building converters and the three phase grid emulator and we will be testing it to see if the results are proper for the use of the wind turbines because we are in a closed lab and cannot use a windmill to get a wind power. First the generator will act like a windmill where it simulate the windmill movements to the second generator “and it will act as a fixed power supply”, both generator are connected back to back to each other, and eventually to make sure that we approach the target we are looking for, the results will show up in the dSpace. Basically, dSpace is a device that is used for testing purposes and tuning the inverter.



Venkata Yaramasu



Ashwija Korenda


NPC Converter with Voltage and Current Sensors


Mohammad Alenezi

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Fahad Alazemi


Hamad Abdulmalek

Team Lead

Abdullah Alghasab

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Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
Fahad Alazemi
Mohammad Alenezi
Hamad Abdulmalek
Abdullah Alghasab

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