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NASA ORION Heat Shield Spectrometer

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Brief Description

Orion is the first crew space launch system since the shuttle program and is the future of manned space transportation for low earth orbit and beyond. Upon atmospheric re-entry, the Orion spacecraft can experience speeds of 20,000mph and temperatures around 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This extreme environment exerts stress on the spacecraft's protective heatshield. The purpose of our project is to design and implement a spectrometer data aquisition system for the Orion spacecraft heat shield to gather spectrum data during atmospheric re-entry. This spectrum data will allow NASA and the Orion spacecraft team to further understand the states that the heat shield experiences.


S. D. Holland
Electronics Engineer
NASA/Johnson Space Center

Design Team

Keifer Dunham   Erich Kroneberger   Zach Olson   Chris Wieduwilt   Noah Zimmerer

Open Invitation: Project Presentation April 29th, 2016


Julie B Heynssens
Engineering Instructor
Northern Arizona University
Last Edited April 26th, 2016