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NASA ORION Heat Shield Spectrometer

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Design Team


Keifer Dunham

Keifer is a senior electrical engineering student at North Arizona University. From Fountain Hills, Arizona, Keifer has worked hard in the NAU Admissions and Enrollment office as well as assisting with various classes throughout the Department of Electrical Engineering. His engineering interests lie with electronics and software. Keifer was recently signed on to the Systems Development Center for Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, Arizona and is very excited to further his professional career. In his limited spare time, Keifer enjoys botany, hiking, and remaining athletic.


Erich Kroneberger

Erich Kroneberger is nearing the end of his career as an undergraduate student at NAU. While Erich has experience in wireless communication systems and digital signal processing, the challenges required by this capstone project have introduced new technologies and applications into his skillset. Between MATLAB programming and system design in ORCAD, he has provided contributions to the team’s design at multiple levels. Erich has experienced hands-on application of engineering techniques in his participation in this capstone project this semester, and is excited to participate within a largely renowned scientific endeavour. Erich works to accumulate more knowledge in his field and continues to engage in hobbies that promote lifelong learning.


Zach Olson

As a senior pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Northern Arizona University, Zach Olson has enjoyed the past few months contributing toward the NASA Orion Spectrometer project. His participation in the project has supplemented his understanding of building a rapport with professional clients and following the process in fabricating space qualified parts for a particular design. Following his work at NAU, he will begin his career at Micron Technology, working as a Product Yield Enhancement engineer driving optimum performance of DRAM and other memory components. Outside of work, his hobbies include playing ice hockey, fishing, running, and weightlifting.


Chris Wieduwilt

Chris Wieduwilt is an accomplished senior at NAU and has specialized in studies focused on semiconductors. His most notable classes include semiconductor memories, microelectronics, and computer architecture. Chris is a recent hire by Micron Technology after completing his internship working in the DRAM Probe Engineering this past summer. Chris is excited to further his career in the DRAM Design Engineering group this summer. In his spare time, Chris enjoys supporting Arizona sports and being outdoors.
When it comes to the project thus far, Chris has helped developed the Matlab code to control the spectrometer. Along with the Matlab code, Chris has assisted in almost every aspect of the project and often helps if teammates are hung up on a problem.


Noah Zimmerer

Noah Zimmerer is in his fourth and final year at Northern Arizona University. Noah is excited to have the opportunity to work on the NASA Orion Spectrometer project. He mentions that he chose this project because he felt that the opportunity to assist in the world’s understanding of space travel would be both interesting and rewarding.
With Noah’s background in Matlab programing and controlling he has taken an integral part in developing the control files for the spectrometer with this project. After his experience with this project Noah hopes to find a job in the aerospace. Outside of academics Noah enjoys following the Arizona Cardinals, Diamondbacks, and Coyotes, listening to music, and spending time with friends.