Meet the Team:

Adam Larson (Team Lead) ( Adam Larson Headshot

Ensures product development is progressing, as well as managing all intra-team operations, scheduling, and communication. Also responsible for advanced technology research and overseeing it's implementation. Roles in product creation will be user authentication, database management and assisting with framework service communication with the two.

Brandon Shaffer ( Brandon Shaffer Headshot

Responsible for all internal team documentation and review, meeting minutes, GitHub commits, as well as assisting with technology research. Role in product is front end development and implementation.

Eddie Lipan ( Eddie Lipan Headshot

Responsible for market research, and graphic design implementation. Also responsible for designing surveys for research purposes. Roles in product creation will include designing the layout and interface of the product. Also responsible for implementing the design of the product's front end interface.

Meet the Clients:

Gretchen McAllister, Ph.D.,

Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction Ph.D. program,

College of Education, NAU


Michele Benedict,

Administrative Services Assistant,

College of Education, NAU

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