Project Description:

Our awesome client, Gretchen McCallister, Ph.D., works hard to coordinate the C & I Ph.D. program and ensure that proper educators emerge from the program. A masters graduate student has 8 years to complete a plethora of milestones until they reach candidacy:
  • 60 graduate level course units
  • A Qualifying Research Paper
  • Two Comprehensive Exams
  • Other Professional Development
  • Dissertation
Currently, all the graduate students' completed milestones are being stored locally on one computer. If a graduate student wants to inquire about a completed milestone, they must email the faculty member managing all the local data which can be a time consuming and stressful interaction for both parties involved. Team What's Up Doc is aiming to alleviate the stress of both students and faculty by creating a faculty accessible desktop app intended for data entry that will ultimately interface with each graduate student through an intuitive and approachable website application. Through this website application, graduate students will have access to instant feedback on their progress in the Ph.D. program and be able to view milestones in progress, view milestones completed and receive notes of encouragement along the way.