What technologies will we be using?

What is WearWare?

WearWare is a piece of software developed here at NAU. It connects to the Fitbit web API in order to request data about FitBits. Specifically, WearWare requests data about fitbits that are being worn by participants of research studies conducted here at NAU.

Why these technologies?

WearWare is being used because it is the piece of software that will give our software access to the Fitbit data necessary to complete our project.

Django Web Framework is being used because it is the software that is being used to develop WearWare and it comes with robust security and ease of use right out of the box.

PostgreSQL is a popular database. It is one of the standards in the industry of data collection. PostgreSQL is being used for the aforementioned reason as well as because it was already in use in WearWare 1.0.

OCTAVE is being used as it is already currently in use by our sponsor Dr. Kyle Winfree. This makes it easier for him to tweak the code that we write if he needs anything to change in the future.

Twilio is being used for the SMS text messages side of this project. They provide an API that can be used with the Django Web Framework. This will provide us with the tools to send SMS text messages to study participants with ease.