What is FitByte?

Fitbyte is a capstone project from NAU's 2018-19 school year. FitByte is a project that is working on a solution to aid Dr. Kyle Winfree and Dr. Gregory Dominick in their Fitbit research to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our goals are to update the existing UI for WearWare, overhaul the backend, create an API to grant them secure access to the WearWare database, customize analysis of the data, and to give them a tool with which to contact their participants quickly, easily, and painlessly.

Project Description:

Dr. Kyle Winfree and Dr. Gregory Dominick gave participants Fitbits to use so they could monitor and track the data collected from these devices. While studying the data, they realized that some of the data collected are very inaccurate, but can be fixed. Kyle and Gregory work with BE-SMART in Delaware and are looking for a secure and reliable way to share the data that they have acquired through their research. They are looking for us to create a “bridge” that allows them to securely fetch data from the server located on an AWS server that will eventually be processed to remove the irregularities that Fitbit provides. They also want the data to be analyzed in real time in order to monitor participant fitness behaviors in order to have motivating SMS text messages sent if the analysis shows a period of poor activity. Our team, Fitbyte, hopes to solve their problems by providing secure access to the data stored in databases and create an API that processes and analyzes the data. This will save them lots of valuable time and help accelerate their research.