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About this Page

This page's purpose is to outline our overall solution and describe the important aspects and areas.

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Last updated April 27, 2019.

Homepage and Public Projects

Presently, we have set up global theming with Material Design for Bootstrap. This is the anonymous user / public landing page.

Homepage screenshot of anonymous user

From the homepage, anonymous users have access to a public project list and can view public details of project and can request more details via the system.

Public project list screenshot

Project Autofill and Create

Now, after logging in, we have navigated to the Project Autofill page. This functionality allows for our client to upload project proposals to the system and automatically fill out the project creation form.

Autofill project form screenshot as a logged in user. Shown as GIF.

Now, after submitting the project PDFs to the system, the user will have an opportunity to review the information and make changes before making the project.

Verifying project information on the project form from the file upload

Project Dashboard and Details

On this view, the user has a tailored dashboard, which shows them their specific assignments or unassigned projects. This also only filters to projects in the drafting stage and are currently not getting physical work done. Users can enter compound queries and sort by columns to get the right subset and order for doing things such as exporting to CSV.

Dashboard GIF (where the user is searching, sorting, and exporting projects) as a logged in user

From the project list, we can click the "Details" button and be taken to the project detail view. The importance of this view is to make it simple and quick to get information about a project in great detail without jumping between different files and programs. This has helped decrease clicks and time spent managing projects significantly.

View project details

Project Modification

Lastly, one of the most important aspects of the project is the modification process. On the project details page, you can add/edit modifications. By clicking on the "Add Modification" button, the user is taken to a new view where they can add the modification, like an attachment, to the project and it will reflect changes such as total budget, start time, end time, etc.

Adding a modification to an existing project

After submitting the new modification, it will appear on the project details page in a list with the other modifications.

View project modifications after new mod (highlighted in red) on project details page