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What is this website?

This website is for us, ECOders, a senior computer science capstone team at Northern Arizona Univerisity for the 2018-2019 school year, to showcase our senior project.

Presently, we are finalizing the new project management system for the Colorado Plateau Cooperative Ecosystem Study Unit (CPCESU). This organization currently has a lot of paper and data and a decentralized, manual, and ad-hoc system unable to cope with the work they are doing. They are struggling to keep track of projects and conduct accurate data analysis for reports. Our envisioned solution will solve their problems, effectively having a structured system with automated processes, decreasing overhead, and reducing paper consumption, time spent on managing projects, and user error. This is all very roughly outlined in the original Project Proposal.

Currently, as of April 2019, the team has completed the majority of the project and is now working on verifying requiremrents are met and the client is satisfied by conducting user testing.

This website is nearly complete and will be updated one last time when we turn in all of our deliverables on May 3rd.