Harquaha​la PA/SI

Site Investigation

Site Investigation Date: January 19, 2024 - January 20, 2024

Approximately 45-57 samples, including duplicates, will be collected at the site, of which 12 will be composite ISM samples, approximately 33 will be individual samples from grid, transect, and background sampling, and up to 12 hotspot samples. Samples will be collected at the surface (0-3”) unless otherwise stated. Locations of hotspot and background samples will be identified during the site visit. 

Sampling on Friday included:     
Six random samples on the tailings pile (DU-2).   
Four ISM samples (DU-3) adjacent to and impacted by the tailings pile.
3 hot spot samples. 
Background sampling. 
Sampling on Saturday included:  
Four ISM samples (DU-4) from the disturbed area south of the tailings pile.
18 transect samples from the wash (DU-1).
6 hotspot samples from the newly included area.

Fig 1 below shows the DU map.

Figure 1. Site Overview

The Fig 2 below shows the sample collected at DU-2

Figure 2. DU-2 sample collected (Photo: Elda Silva)

Soil contamination can be visually detected by pink-red color and fine soil type.  Figure 3 shows the current, heavily contaminated state of the main wash.   

Figure 3. Impacted wash from within (Photo: Sierra Binney)