Harquaha​la PA/SI

Scope of Services

Task 1.0 
Work Plan and Laboratory Use: Develop a comprehensive plan for laboratory use and project execution.
      Task 1.1 
      Sampling and Analysis Plan: Create a detailed plan for sampling and analysis, including procedures, equipment, and            quality control measures.
       Task 1.2 
      Health and Safety Plan: Establish a health and safety plan addressing hazards, PPE, and emergency protocols.
      Task 1.3 
      Soils Lab Binder: Compile a lab binder outlining procedures and waste management for the NAU Soils Laboratory.
Task 2.0 
Site Investigation: Conduct a site visit for soil sampling and ecological survey.
Task 3.0 
Sample Analysis and Identification of COCs: Analyze soil samples to identify contaminants of concern (COCs).
Task 4.0 
Confirmatory Testing, Mapping, and Identification of EPCs: Perform additional testing and mapping to confirm contaminants and exposure point concentrations.
Task 5.0 
Human Health Risk Assessment: Assess potential health risks from site exposure.
Task 6.0 
Ecological Risk Assessment: Evaluate ecological risks and identify affected species.
Task 7.0 
Potential Remedial Actions: Develop and select remedial action plans for site contamination.
Task 8.0 
Project Impact Assessment: Assess the environmental, social, and economic impacts of the project.
Task 9.0 
Project Deliverables: Produce and deliver project reports and presentations at various completion stages.
Task 10.0 
Project Management: Manage the project through regular meetings, schedule tracking, and resource management.
Note that the project excludes water or air sampling and does not cover regulatory aspects of recommended remediation efforts.