One challenge that might have to be dealt with to successfully complete this project is that travel to/from this area may potentially be delayed or prevented in the case of bad weather. For example, snow in the surrounding Flagstaff area may delay a site visit. Additionally, it is possible that a sufficiently high increase in COVID-19 cases could cause restrictions such that the team may not be able to visit the site or even meet together in person. Moreover, the availability of surveying and geotechnical equipment provided by NAU will be limited in the case that needed equipment is lent to others.

The primary constraint and challenge is the aging septic tanks located in the parking lot. There are three septic tanks on site with two of the tanks on the northern side of the site and one on the southern side. The two northern leach field lines extend northward past the buildings. The southern leach fields are thought to extend southeast. The exact location of the leach fields will be known after an investigation of the current layout of the septic system is performed by a subcontractor. Furthermore, the area is known for having native rare plants including the Ironwood tree and Saguaro Cactus. With potential widening of paths, some Saguaro Cacti or other native species may need to be relocated following the NPS guidelines and standards. Also, the parking lot has very limited space and is not entirely ADA accessible.