1.0 Field Investigation

The team will collect data using surveying equipment on the specified spot. Trees and highways will be recognized on the site and integrated into the AutoCAD Civil 3D model. A set of elevation benchmarks will be constructed by City of Flagstaff ordinance 13-03-003-0003. The team also will create a topographic A design that cannot start without the correct topographic survey. It

2.0 Hydrologic Modeling - Rational Method

The team will conduct watershed delineation which is the process of marking the watershed boundaries that from where and how the water comes from uphill and goes downstream.

3.0 Hydraulic Designs

A hydraulic model of the waterflow through open channels will be created to bring the data collected, which will help put together an accurate image with measurements of the channel or wash.

4.0 Final Design & Construction Plan

The team will create a construction plan that includes a cover sheet, general project details, general project notes, results of survey topo map, design details and plan, and profile sheets for each final design item of infrastructure.

5.0 Project Impacts

The project will also evaluate environmental, societal, and economic impacts. The environmental impacts will assess the consequences of building the desired structures in the site and neighboring areas in terms of wildlife and vegetation. The social impact will assess the positive and negative results that affect the condition of people within the NAU campus.

6.0 Summary of Engineering Work & Costs

The team will complete a summary of engineering work and costs. This evaluates the costs of installation, materials, maintenance, and cost of labor.