Staffing, Costs & Schedule

Staffing, Costs & Schedule

The selection of the designs for each alternative considered mainly the material, size, and velocity. The 18-inch diameter CMP culvert, which produced the lowest velocity for all alternatives with the varying length of 25.8 ft and 24.5 ft was found to be common between all the designed alternatives. As well as having the lowest velocity, that ensures all channels will suffer less erosion over time and the uniformity of the material and size will reduce the overall cost. Table above shows a rough estimate of the cost of material and installation for both types of culvert design considered [3].

Staffing Plan

  • Hours have been allotted depending on the project’s tasks for each team member.

  • The estimated total number of hours required to finish the job is 450 hours (about 2 and a half weeks) of combined work.

Cost of Engineering Services

  • The total cost breakdown of the project was estimated in the table below at $61,040.00 to complete the project.

  • the cost does not include travel to the site as the site is within the NAU campus and transportation is considered free.

  • Surveying equipment was calculated based on their daily rates for the duration of 3 days.

Gantt Chart

Gant - Pro.pdf