Scope of Services

This is a broad version of our scope of services. To see a more detailed explanation of each task and their sub tasks view our Final Proposal on the documents page. 


Project Constraints

There were multiple constraints the team discussed that may hinder the completion of this project, these are discussed in the Final Proposal. The only problem that did occur was an accumulation of snow/ice within the channel reach that delayed the team in collecting soil sampling. Field work was planned to begin in January.  The team collected samples in March due to snow/ice in the area. Other project constraints included time constraints and limited right of way access to change the channel due to McConnell Drive.

Task 1

Site Investigation

A site investigation will be done in order to provide a general sense of the overall health and functionality of the channel. The channel inventory will be taken to assess the drainage course, site conditions, and inventory for areas of concern.

Task 2

Previous Studies

Previous studies will be analyzed to determine a logical starting point and progression plan for the project.

Task 3

Geomorphic Assessment

To address the client’s concern of geomorphic stability the team will perform a geomorphic assessment. In doing this information will be collected that will influence decision making during the final design.